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Interior Design & Remodel

How it Works

-Understand your vision

-Create a proposal to match your needs. 

-Coordinate with a team of professionals 

to ensure job success.

-Oversee and direct the project.

-Ensure design concepts have been met.

​“ From Ordinary to Extraordinary​


(BIT graduate with a BFA degree in Interior 

Design and AutoCAD Certified)

The complete experience is provided in such a way that we inform, inspire , and assist our clients through the process of transforming their home or business environment to become a unique and personalized expression of themselves as it adds value to their property.

As we deliver the best personal attention through the design process, we provide design resources to our clients like furniture, fabric, and accessories among other things.

Before & After

Client Review

There are many decisions that need to be made when you build a custom home, fortunately we met with Noey soon after construction began, and she not only reduced the stress from the selection process but actually made it enjoyable. Noey spends time with you and learn your personal preferences.

The best thing about working with Noey is that she helps you identify your own style. We are very pleased with our selections and we know we would not done that well without Noey.                          

                                                                                                             -Rosie M

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